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BlueEyeM program  is a professional computer application which logs all keystrokes, applications, windows, websites, chat conversations, passwords and screenshots. Additionally program is able to take webcam photos with defined interval of time and store them in a safe directory. The log file created by the keylogger can then be sent to a specified receiver using e-mail. The application can activate it self when windows starts and is completely invisible. Check how your child or employee uses their computer, monitor every PC event and do much more with this popular  software.



The main program functions:

1) Record every keystroke, create Excel reports,send the logs timely to your email account,

2) Record all opened windows, applications, web sites, passwords, chat conversation,  


3) Record screenshots with defined interval of time,send pictures on FTP server,  

4) Perform  immediate actions when prohibited word is write on a keyboard. Action types :
- message alert  can appear on the screen (the message content can be defined by the user)
- message can be sent to user via e-mail,
- computer shutdown,
- the active window/program can be closed immediately,


5) Block defined directory  (you can choose ten directories which will be blocked by the program),

6) Block Web Sites (very efficiently) which were defined as banned (parental control module),

7) Track and close running application (BlueEyeM is able to monitor ten programs and processes which were marked on the prohibited list)


8) Take a photo using WebCam with defined interval of time (you can check who works on the computer when you are out - room monitoring module. Pictures viewer tool available),

9) News - Sounds monitoring - you can program BlueEyeM to record sounds using microphone,

10) Pranks module for users who likes the jokes, funny pranks are performed automatically and periodically by a computer: create surprising messages on the computer screen, generate funny sounds. Mouse disorders or desktop freeze possible also - try it ! :)


11) Settings panel where you can change useful program parameters.


You can test version 1.4.6, please click "Download"

Choose language after instalation (click English or Polish)



Important Some anti-virus programs might block such applications due to spy nature behavior. In order to avoid such situation we recommend to add program name to anti-virus program exception list. 

Author of described above program hereby declares that our application is not a virus, trojan, worm, malware and can not be used to spy or monitor users activities without their awarness.